DEGERenergy Solar Tracking Systems Supersize your Output


Solar tracking systems by DegerDEGERenergy tracking units allow solar panels to track the sun’s trajectory across the sky and can improve the solar output of your system by 20-45%. The DEGERenergy system rotates the panels to maximize energy yields and efficiency. This improves your ROI and puts more Sun Money in your pocket. The OPA’s FIT and microFIT tariff programs pay a premium for solar power generated by individuals or businesses. Installing a solar panel system on your home, business, school or church will enable you to create energy you can be proud of and a make whole bundle of Sun Money to boot.

New Feed-in tariff rates

As the OPA readies itself to announce its new rates next week, solar installers are raring to go. Solar installations have ground to halt since the OPA announced its intention to change its rates in October of last year. The plethora of solar power installation companies that have sprung up since the FIT and microFIT programs were put into effect are under strain as their installations have been brought to a standstill. Now, with the program slated to bust into action this spring, home and business owners are looking at which option offer the best returns.

Best idea ever

Installing base of Deger TrackerOne of this year’s hottest sellers is the DEGERenergy tracking unit. This amazingly clever device is installed on ground-mounted or roof-mounted panels to maximize your solar output. You can have one of these puppies in your back yard or on an unobstructed area of your business premises, school yard, church grounds, parking lot or sports field. The DEGERenergy tracking unit adjusts the panels throughout the day so that they are oriented in the position that ensures maximum solar energy yields.¬†Two sensor cells in the DEGERenergy tracker monitor solar energy and adjust the panel orientation accordingly. A third sensor cell resets the panels every morning. Adverse weather? No problem as the DEGERenergy unit orients the panels to make the most of radiation in inclement weather.

Make more money, faster

DEGERenergy tracker systems offer several benefits over static solar panel arrays:

  • Increases solar output by 20-45% which increases your feed-in tariff payments
  • Comes with a standard five-year warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Maintenance free
  • Improves ROI
  • Flexible; suitable for all current modules and inverter types
  • 99.9% recyclable

The patented DEGERenergy tracker system is especially designed to withstand strong winds and is storm-resistant in any position. Advanced German engineering is coupled with Canadian and US manufacturing expertise to create a truly remarkable product.

Deger base and mast in concreteThe DEGERenergy tracking unit does not add much to your solar panel installation bill, but it does reduce your payoff period. The increased efficiency that DEGERenergy trackers give your solar panel installation increases your feed-in tariff income and helps you get a return on your investment in no time at all.

Choose a certified contractor

Not all solar panel installation companies are created equally. Many small businesses have sprung up around the solar industry and you must practice caution when shopping for a solar panel installation company that has your best interests at heart. DEGERenergy tracking systems can only be installed by certified installers in order to validate the five-year warranty. Ask your dealer if they have certification and check that they have installed a DEGERenergy tracking system before.

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