What is a portable solar generator?

Solar generators are portable devices that capture, store and distribute electricity generated by the sun.

Does a solar generator work at night or when it’s cloudy?

YES, the deep cycle batteries store energy for days, sometimes weeks depending on your power usage. In fact, as long as there is daylight it continues to produce power, even while you are towing!

Will a solar generator work in the winter?

Yes, all of our portable solar generators are thoroughly insulated and the batteries are wrapped with a low voltage blanket to keep them at optimum operating temperatures.

How long does it take to set up the solar generator after towing?

It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to set up.

How do I use the solar generator?

Just plug in your equipment and that’s it!

Is there a comprehensive warranty on the entire solar generator?

Yes. On top of the individual product warranties from the equipment manufacturers, we also include a 2-year product workmanship warranty. The panels carry a 20-25 year warranty depending on the make, and the lead-acid batteries are covered for 7-10 years depending on the manufacturer.

What is the Green Energy Act?

The Ontario Green Energy Act (GEA) received Royal Assent on May 14, 2009.   The GEA streamlines the process for renewable energy approvals and provides for a Feed-in Tariff program.

What is the microFIT program?

The MicroFIT program targets small renewable energy developers whose project is less than 10kW in capacity. The MicroFIT program simplifies the application and approval process for your renewable energy project compared to the FIT program. Sunrise Sustainable Energy specializes in Solar PV installations for the MicroFIT program.

I have a flat roof. Will you have to puncture my roof to install a solar system?

No. A flat roof installation is ideal because the system is simply ballasted and we usually follow an existing wireline coming down off the roof.

Can I get web based monitoring for my system?

Yes. We install the Enphase micro inverters and SMA single inverters which offer a remote monitoring system for a nominal fee.

What kind of maintenance does my system require?

Your system is pretty much maintenance free. If you have easy access to the roof, you might want to clear off any snow with a broom, but it will eventually melt off anyway.

Are there any warranties with my rooftop system?

Yes. On top of the manufacturers warranties for the panels, inverters, and racking, you receive a 1 year workmanship warranty from SolarLine.

What if I move?

No problem. The new owners of your home will enjoy a seamless takeover of your contract with the Ontario Power Authority. And the fact that you have money-generating panels on the roof will have a positive impact on the value of your house.