Solar Awnings

Can’t get enough solar panels on your roof? Try adding a solar awning.

Ontario solar awning drawingsSolarLine can design a system to suit your needs, whether you are a little shy of 10kWh to get the maximum solar harvest, or your rooftop is just not suitable for a solar installation. We have solutions to solve most solar problems in Ontario.

SolarLine uses Schletter PV mounting systems which are designed as a modular unit assembly system with universally applicable high-value components (aluminium / quality steel) and usually enables the installer to install any module in almost any mounting situation. The system consists of many system components that have been well-proven for many years and is permanently completed by newly developed compatible components. Besides modularity and the selection of high-quality materials, Schletter focuses on supporting installers with instructions, calculation programs, etc., which saves valuable time and helps to avoid mistakes. It’s a win:win for SolarLine customers.

solar awning in Ontario

This install has 8kWh on the roof and the solar awning adds another 2.4kWh