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solar panel installers

solar installers
SolarLine Power was founded by two brothers, David Shephard and Dan Shephard of Toronto. We design and build solar solutions for our customers using current solar panel, inverter, and battery technologies. Our goal is to establish a renewable energy business that truly cares about people, their needs, and more importantly, the needs of the environment. If you’re looking for an accredited solar power system installer with knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm for greener methods of powering our economy, look no further. In our minds it’s about…

Harvesting the sun

solar panel installersIn the space of just one hour, the amount of solar radiation absorbed by the planet’s oceans and landmasses is more energy than the world uses in an entire year. Utilizing the latest innovations in solar technology, we are working to enhance our ability to capture more of this abundant energy source. Ever since the first solar cell was built in the late 1880’s, we have been approaching the horizon of truly using the sun to create electricity for us on a large scale. The inspiration for SolarLine was actually derived from an obsession by two brothers to eliminate small engine emissions in the lawn care industry. The idea to build a portable solar generator or to become solar installers is not original, Companies in California, Germany, and Spain have been leading this charge for many years now. We simply felt it was high time Canadians started realizing that natural resources are finite here too – and that we must seek out greener, more responsible alternatives for power generation before it’s too late. So, with these ideals in mind, we decided to commercialize the results of our experimentation and build and assemble solar generators right here in Ontario. Portable, clean, renewable energy is here now!

Good solar panel installers are hard to find

solar installersIn our efforts to become good stewards with portable solar power, we’ve received many requests from our friends, clients and neighbours to help decipher the ins and outs of the Ontario FIT and microFIT programs. And in doing so, decided there was an opportunity for us to use our skills as solar installers for grid-tied solutions as well. SolarLine’s solar installers are certified trained technicians, with 10 years of general contracting experience, which makes us a much more well rounded organization and keeps us busy 24/7. If you’re thinking of installing a solar power system on your rooftop, grid-tied or otherwise, have us look at your property first—you won’t regret it. Learn more.

And Finally, It’s about balance

One of our goals was to prove that it is possible to generate clean power and change the way work is done, and also make it affordable. That businesses CAN change their models and CAN work a little harder to find a balance between profit and the environmental impact required to accomplish it. We hope that more companies recognize; that this way of thinking is good for business. Good for people. And good for the earth.