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SolarLine works with a number of partners in order to deliver solar solutions to our clients. We’ve looked at quite a few solutions and these are some of the ones that have impressed us the most.

Solaredge Inverters

Solaredge InvertersSolarEdge provides groundbreaking distributed solar power harvesting and PV monitoring systems. Their solution maximizes power generation of residential and large-scale PV systems, for faster return on investment. Unlike a Microinverter solution which consists of many small or micro inverters, mounted behind your PV panels and exposed to extreme heat, Solaredge is a single inverter (single inverters are proven and have been around for thirty years) with individual monitoring on each panel. This means only one point of failure, and it gives you the flexibility of installing the inverter in your home (basement) or garage, preferably a cooler location as this will maximize your energy conversion to the grid and not expose your inverter to the elements.

Here’s an introduction to the Solaredge technology:

Flat roof installation

For flat roof installations we use KBRacking. Designed in Germany, AeroRack 100 is a lightweight, ballast-free, non-penetrating flat roof mounting system for large photovoltaic arrays. Its patented quick click system is designed for fast and easy installations, which reduces installation costs significantly. We like the fact that the panels can be mounted up to 20 degrees and they are fully enclosed in the back and sides. They are rated for 180 km/h winds, and priced very competitively. AeorRack 100 is also Ontario FIT and microFIT compliant.


Custom Solar Awnings

Schletter Solar Mounting SystemsSchletter offers innovative solar mounting systems for project developers, module manufacturers, and system integrators for commercial and/or residential solar projects. Each solar mounting system can be individually designed for a cost-effective photovoltaic mounting solution in utility-scale ground mounted systems, commercial or residential sloped-roof systems as well as flat-roof systems.

Solar Tracking Units

Deger Certified installer
SolarLine is fully certified by DegerENERGIE to design and install their solar tracking units. Only Deger Certified installers can offer a 5 year warranty. Designed in Germany with over 48,000 installs worldwide, ensures you are getting great engineering and maximum solar harvest for your money.