SolarLine Power produces 3 lines of solar generators:

SolarLIne designs and installs solar power systems for rooftop installations

If you’re thinking about installing solar panels on your home, business, farm, or place of worship, SolarLIne can help. We can help you qualify for the Ontario microFIT programs and you can earn up to 16.5% ROI. Learn more.

Standard features on all SolarLine portable solar generators include:

    Solarline Power Portable Solar Unit 6 x 12

  • Pure sine-wave inverters
  • MPPT charge controllers
  • Fully insulated battery compartments
  • High efficiency mono-crystalline photovoltaic modules
  • Premium lead-acid batteries or low maintenance AGM batteries
  • Stainless steel fasteners & aluminum racking
  • Flush-mount outlets and inlets on exterior of trailer
  • Locking doors on cargo trailer

Built-in Redundancy

Each SolarLine generator comes with convenient inputs for AC power and conventional gasoline or diesel generators. When a backup generator is needed (in the case of extended low sun periods or higher-than-planned energy draw), it can be operated at full power with maximum efficiency to recharge batteries, then shut off, rather than running it throughout the day.