Off grid solar power

Have your own power plant

electric vehicle charging stationsSolarLine can also design and install fixed location solar array systems for back-up or fully powered scenarios. Small or large, we can handle any off-grid solar situation that requires electric power. From backyard lighting systems, pool house pumps, remote (Internet) hot spots, remote living, cabin in the woods, back-up power systems, cell phone and mobile charging stations, to car port charging stations for electric cars, bikes, and scooters etc. Whatever your need, give us a call and we’ll plan your solar energy project with ease.

Batteries for extreme environments

off grid solar power systemSolarLine carries an exclusive line of Silicone Rechargeable batteries that perform better than flooded lead-acid and AGM batteries. There is no acid and no gasses to worry about, and they operate at -40c to +70c. Silicone batteries can last up to 10 years and are only marginally more expensive than AGM. Which means a SolarLine designed battery bank is perfect for frigid Canadian winters or steamy hot Arabian summers.

Be a part of the solution

solar tracking systemWith a SolarLine (EV) electric vehicle car port or charging station, you can Immediately be an active, contributing member of an environmentally responsible group of people that are individually reducing pollution and helping to clean the planet, one vehicle at a time.
Did you know that some vehicles, like the Nissan Leaf can be directly charged with DC power, shortening the charge time by more than 50%? Drop us a line and will provide you with a free estimate and consultation.