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Ontario MicroFIT Program

What is the Ontario MicroFIT Program?

This program offers substantial benefits for home and business owners who develop small or ‘micro’ renewable solar power systems of 10 kilowatts or less. The OPA provides payment to homeowners for the electricity they produce with their microFIT systems at a fixed rate over 20 years, resulting in earnings of up to $8,500 per year. This enables owners to recover the initial setup price of their solar installation, usually within 4-5 years, and make a tidy profit to boot.

The MicroFIT Program

The microFIT program is an initiative by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA). This program offers incentives to home and business owners who have solar power systems of 10 kW or less
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Put Sun Money in Your Pocket

If you are ready to start earning Sun Money, the first step is to select a solar installer. Solarline is a local solar installer that will assist you every step of the way.
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Choosing A Contractor

Qualified contractor should:

  • Have experience installing solar power systems in Ontario. Ask to see references.
  • Have insurance of up to
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