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Choosing a Contractor

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The microFIT program has led to the creation of jobs and companies in the Ontario region. From January 1, 2011 the domestic content for solar power systems is 60%. That means that 60% of the equipment and labour used in the installation of your solar power system must be locally manufactured. Make sure that you obtain written specifications of domestic content from your contractor in order to avoid fines or inspection failures.

A qualified solar installer should:

     Ontario microFIT program

  • Have experience installing solar power system in Ontario. Ask to see references.
  • Have insurance of up to $1 million.
  • Have licenses and certifications which qualify them to install solar power systems.
  • Have on and off-grid experience. Your solar installer should be able to connect your solar power system both to the grid and to a battery bank.
  • Assist with obtaining building permits, microFIT applications and inspections of your solar power system.
  • Have a qualified electrician to connect your solar power system to the grid.
  • Inform you of all installation and connection costs and charge a fair price.
  • Be able to offer financing for your microFIT solar power system.
  • Provide warranties on products and labour.
  • Supply all materials and ensure 60% of the solar power system is locally manufactured.
  • Provide a free assessment without obligation. An effective solar power system requires a south facing roof with little shading from surrounding trees and buildings. Your solar installer should provide a free assessment (without obligation) of the suitability of your property for a solar power system.