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The Fergusson's with a cheque from their Hydro company

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Solarline installed a 5kW microFIT solar system on the Fergusson’s home in October 2011. Since that time they have produced over 9.9 MWh of electricity which they have sold back to the grid for almost $8,000.00. Every month for 20 years, they will receive a cheque from their hydro company. They’ve had no maintenance to worry about, their system just keeps making money for them every month. As Mr. Fergusson says “It’s like having a tenant in our home that takes up no space, never complains, and always pays their rent on time.”

It’s time to get your share of the Sun Money. Solarline has helped dozens of customers earn money from installing solar panels on their properties. You can help Ontario build a green energy strategy, and earn money while doing it.

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