Solar Panel Cleaning

Have you noticed your solar energy production fluctuating?

Allowing solar panels to become dirty due to airborne particles, bird droppings, and tree debris can diminish your solar panel output. When your panels are dirty you are not getting the production you’ve paid for. If you never clean your panels you lose a significant amount of power and you run the risk of permanently damaging your panels.

A few things to consider:

    Residential and Commercial Solar Panel cleaning 

  • Big particles like dirt and dust travel short distances and adversely impact the output of solar panels closest to these particle sources.
  • Small particles settle on solar panel surfaces over time, and have higher concentrations in the winter than the summer.
  • Tilted solar panels: Rain cleans them quite well. Dirt does remain in the bottom most corner of the solar panels however.
  • Horizontal or low pitch roofs: Rain does not clean them well, since rain does not drain well due to the solar panel’s frame structure.
  • Cleaning non-tilted or low pitch PV panels results in tremendous gains in output.

Here’s a great presentation on how Google was able to increase their solar production by cleaning their panels. Google’s Solar Panel Cleaning Study

Have your solar panels washed once a year and improve your energy production and earnings!

Give us a call and we’ll wash your panels, tighten all bolts to proper torque specifications, and do a visual check on your wiring.