Solar Power Systems

Ontario microFIT and FIT Program
Solar Power Systems

solar power systemsIf you are a homeowner, business owner, farmer, or if you manage an institution such as a school or place of worship, you now have the opportunity to install a solar power system on your rooftop and start earning money. Under the Ontario microFIT program you are paid a guaranteed fixed price (54.9 cents/kWh) over a 20-year term for all the electricity your solar power system delivers to the province’s electricity grid. If you have a larger rooftop (flat top roofs are ideal) or plot of land, you can qualify under the Ontario FIT program and install a larger array (over 10kWh) and produce more clean renewable energy and earn more money over the lifetime of the contract. Either way, Qualifying is easy, and we can help!

Earn up to 15% Rate of Return or more

Type Capacity (Kw) Price Cost Initial Investment Annual Income Total Income 20 Years Annual ROI
Roof 10 $0.549 $4.45 $55,000.00 $11,115.72 $171,263 15.88%
Roof 250 $0.539 $3.50 $1,080,247.00 $201,864 $4,239,147 14.47%
Roof 500 $0.539 $3.10 $1,700,000.00 $403,559 $8,474,739 13.67%
Roof 1,000 $0.539 $3.00 $3,700,000.00 $807,054 $14,941,080 12.45%
Ground Mount 10,000 $0.347 $5.50 $55,000,000.00 $6,585,800 $131,716,000 12%

This means that solar power systems installed by SolarLine can earn you up to 15% rate of return on your investment. Once your solar power system is connected to the grid you will start receiving monthly payments from your LDC (local distribution company). Your system will generally pay for itself in the first 5-6 years. Not only that, after the 20-year term, you still own the system and it will still be generating electricity.

Do some good for the environment

When you participate in the Ontario microFIT or FIT programs, you contribute to a healthier environment by generating electricity from clean renewable sources such as solar energy. This way you are helping Ontario eliminate polluting coal-fired electric generation, the construction and waste of nuclear plants, and therefore the reduction of greenhouse gases. And a solar power system from SolarLine will make you the envy of the neighbourhood.

How to participate

Once you’ve selected your renewable energy technology and developed a project plan, signing up for the FIT or microFIT Program is straightforward. You apply online, there’s minimal paperwork – and there’s no application fee.
There are three key steps involved in participating in the Ontario FIT & microFIT Programs:

  • Step 1: Submit an application and receive conditional offer
  • Step 2: Build and connect your project
  • Step 3: Accept your contract

Ontario is leading the way—You Can Too!

This is the largest climate change initiative in North America and it’s happening right here in Ontario. Only a few countries in the world such as Germany and Spain have had similar programs and both countries are currently leading the world in solar energy production. With the introduction of the FIT and microFIT programs, Ontario is poised to become the North American leader in solar energy production. Now’s the time for you to make a difference.

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