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Portable solar devices to power your world

portable solar devicesWith just over 100 shopping days until Christmas, here are some nifty gadgets to make your toes curl. Portable solar units enable you to power electronics and give you the creature comforts you deserve when you are on the move. Portable solar devices are perfect for powering small items like iPods, cell phones and GPS devices when you are camping, traveling or using recreational vehicles. Using solar energy offsets carbon emissions from traveling while saving you money on utility bills. Larger portable solar systems are big enough to power construction sites, outdoor events and emergency response efforts when earthquakes, hurricanes or floods take their toll. Solar panels work where conventional energy sources don’t. They may be a little more expensive than a generator, but they are quieter, cheaper to run and better for the environment.

Solar powered backpacks are perfect for camping and hiking in remote regions. You can buy backpacks with solar panels incorporated into them or with clip-on panels that can be attached to a backpack you already own. The panels are lightweight and waterproof. Built to withstand the jostling, bashing and general wear and tear associated with the great outdoors, these robust plastic panels are made from recycled plastic bottles. Lightweight batteries store power and are compatible with a large range of electronic devices. The backpacks and clip-on panels come in different sizes and have different capacities.

portable solar devicesRoll up solar panels or mats make use of thin film solar technology to provide you with electricity. The thin, flexible panels are so lightweight that you can stash them in your suitcase, backpack, and picnic basket or even on your bike. Keep one in your car as part of your emergency kit. Even the military is investing in roll up solar mats for troops in the field. The roll up panels come in all shapes to suit your needs and can be wired together to increase output. The smaller, single panels will cost you around $70 while the larger models (up to a mile long) will only set you back a couple of hundred dollars.

Solar purses are a practical solution for busy women. Plug your electronic items into your purse to charge while you are on the go. The bags are made from natural fibers and are biodegradable as they are made from all natural materials such as hemp. The purse batteries can be fully charged in about 6 hours, just leave the purse in the sun while you are at work or at home. The batteries will hold their charge for several days. The bags are available online or from stores across Canada. Not only for women, the bags also come in trendy school-friendly versions for techno-junkie students.

portable solar devicesLarge energy output does not have to mean less portable. If you are having an outdoor event, are working on a remote site, need extra electricity on your construction site or wish to camp in style, what you need is the Solarline portable solar generator (PSG). These sleek little gems incorporate high-efficiency mono-crystalline solar modules mounted to a trailer which you can hitch to your car. The tough 235-Watt solar panels generate an output powerful enough to handle 3,500 watt loads. The PSGs come with 2 to 6 solar panels, depending on the amount of power you need. The neat cargo trailer has a lockable storage space for your extra gear. Quieter, safer and cleaner than a generator, this innovative system is the future of mobile energy.

Portable solar generators featured in Building Products Magazine


Article on portable solar generatorsThe publishers of Building Products Magazine, Hanley Wood, published a great article on the pros and cons of portable solar power. Unfortunately we were not covered but some of our California cousins have been. It’s proof that portable solar generators are beginning to raise eyebrows within the building community. Clean, portable solar power is possible on the job site, and will become more affordable as time goes on. I’ve clipped out the two page article and you can see it here or you can check out the entire digital magazine here.

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